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Vote 1 – Fiona Phillips – Labor for South Coast


Not long until election day now. Pre-poll is now open at Quinns Lane South Nowra, and at the Ulladulla Civic Centre at Ulladulla.

Thank you for your support.

Vote 1 Fiona Phillips, Labor for South Coast.



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  1. Chris Wright
    Mar 24 2015

    As a parent of a son who was retrenched from Nowra TAFE due to the liberal Government cuts and as a Tradesman in the Shoalhaven In feel that we are going to suffer in the long run, with the higher costs and less teaching hours , how are we expected to get the tradesmen we need in the future.I guess we import them ,is that the answer.?also what is your standing on the current AVO laws in NSW .I feel and so do many of my friends that they lean more towards the woman as I know of many a male that suffer due to the extreme the courts are judging them.I know that there are some males that can be a problem but there are many that just want some kind of justice in the system.appreciate your feed back before I and my family make a decision on who to vote for in the coming election.

    • Mar 26 2015

      Hi Chris, I’m definitely hearing you about TAFE. What’s happening at TAFE concerns me greatly, while the current member refuses to even acknowledge what is going on. I have been heavily involved and aware of what’s happening with TAFE. Every day on the campaign trail I hear more real stories and it is heartbreaking. My fear is, where will it end – when TAFE is no longer here? That is why this election is crucial, on TAFE and many fronts.

      Labor is putting more resources in to end domestic violence including educational programs and counselling. Labor if elected will trial a new specialist domestic violence court in the Illawarra. I am not sure how exactly that will work at this stage, but from what I’ve heard about specialist drug courts, they are more in tune with finding solutions to problems which hopefully will have benefits for all parties. Labor is planning to strengthen penalties for breaches of AVO’s. I have had discussions with a number of people regarding DV from a male’s perspective and DV against men, with less resources available and many issues – we certainly need to remember men too. I will continue to raise this issue, and all issues relating to domestic violence, if elected.


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